WoSport Tactical One-Point Sling Vest, Tan

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WoSport Tactical One-Point Sling Vest gives players a more comfortable sling to attach to the AEG gun being used. The great thing about this One-Point Sling vest is instead of having all the weight in one area of the players body. It spreads the weight to the upper and shoulders of the players. With the adjustable straps allowing players to find the right comfort without straining any area of the users body, and including the clip make it easy attach and detach the sling from the AEG gun. 

  • Material made with 1000D Nylon material 
  • Adjustable Buckle Straps, and Surface Slips To Secure Down
  • Light Weight Vest
  • EPE Interior Lining Resistant Against Shock Proof 
  • Metal Buckle
30 Day Return