SHS Half Teeth Piston | Nylon Airsoft Piston

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SHS manufacturers this half teeth nylon airsoft piston with steel teeth.

  • Manufacturer: SHS
  • Material: Nylon Fiber
  • Type: Half Teeth
  • All Steel Teeth
  • Reinforced AEG Piston
  • For Version 2 & 3 Airsoft Gearboxes

SHS manufactures a variety of pistons. From their full steel teeth pistons for your high torque setups to the standard 1 steel tooth piston to the creative lightweight piston for a boost in ROF, you'll find the piston your looking for made by SHS. All of them utilize nylon instead of polycarbonate for the piston material. This produces a a tough yet still elastic piston. For the unlikely event of one of your steel teeth breaking, SHS makes replacement steel teeth for most of their pistons.