PPS/SHS CNC'd Self Resetting 40mm BB Shower 6mm Gas Grenade Shell 84 Rounds

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84 Round Self Resetting Gas Airsoft Grenade made by PPS

This Self Resetting 40mm BB shower is made out of CNC'd Aluminum by PPS. It is a high quality BB shower that is gas powered and carries 84 6mm airsoft BBs.

  • Manufacturer: PPS/SHS
  • 40mm BB Shower
  • Material: CNC'd Aluminum
  • Gases you can use:134a, top gas, and green gas
  • Self Resetting
  • Capacity: 84 Rounds

These high end grenades are a effective way to launch 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, or 120 bbs at your target with one trigger pull. Because you don't have to reset them after each shot, you can get more bbs down range faster. These high end grenades are surprisingly affordable and very high quality.