Army of Two Airsoft Mask A FMA Stamped Steel Wolf 2.5 Mask

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Wolf 2.5 army of two mask

This intimidating airsoft army of two mask is made out of high quality fiber glass. The cushion pads around the sides make this mask very comfortable. Along with adding comfortablbility, the spyder 5 point strap design allows the mask to fit firmly on your face. The 5 point strap also allows for maximum air flow. With the stamped steel eyes you don't have to worry about the mask fogging up.

  • Manufacturer: FMA
  • Color: Grey and Black
  • Style: Wolf 2.5 Mask
  • Material: Hard Quality Fiber Glass
  • Very Comfortable
  • 5 Point Spyder Strap Design
  • Doesn't Fog Up
  • Durable

Note: you must wear safety glasses under the mask.

For Airsoft Only

Disclaimer: When using this mask for Airsoft gaming, proper ANSI rated safety shooting goggles are required to be worn under the mask to achieve proper full sealed eye protection. Buyer assumes full responsibility and liability when using this mask for any other purposes. Wire mesh masks are not "full sealed" masks. Wire mesh masks are not designed for paintball gaming or any other projectiles that may shatter or splash upon impact.